April 14, 2024

The Safe Option: Larry Drew

If the Cavs decide to move on from Tyronn Lue this season, perhaps it is best to look into the past and emulate their last coaching hire by promoting from within. This is where Larry Drew comes into consideration.

He is the team’s associate head coach, much like Lue was under David Blatt, and is best known for stints as the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks. He also had a productive ten-year career in the NBA.

Drew would allow for a change, while also being a familiar face to allow a smooth transition. This might be the best choice, considering how the season is well into full swing. He also is no stranger to success, having made the playoffs in three out of his four seasons as a head coach.

To some, this hiring would signal complacency and a lack of ambition from the front office, given the turmoil that has consumed the team recently. This means general manager Koby Altman and owner Dan Gilbert need to be extremely sure that Drew can improve the team if he is chosen as Lue’s successor.

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