March 4, 2024

To preface: I am Jewish myself, my great-grandparents died in the holocaust and my grandmother nearly did herself as a little girl.

Former Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving is loved mainly for his historic three-pointer in Game 7 of the NBA Finals that helped secure the victory for the Cavaliers. The guard is now playing for the Dallas Mavericks and stirred up some controversy Monday.

Well, what happened?

“A Utah rabbi said he and three other rabbis were asked to put their “I’m a Jew and I’m proud” signs away on Monday night as the Utah Jazz took on the Dallas Mavericks at the Delta Center.” – Via FOX 

This was at the request of Kyrie Irving.

Irving has already caused controversy amongst the Jewish Community in the past. He posted a video with anti-semitic views in it on Twitter. He was subsequently suspended five games back in 2022 when playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

Of course, the instant reaction is to have disdain for Kyrie because of what just happened and of course his actions in the past that have show his views.

Here’s my question.

Where do we draw the sign?

Haha, get it? I said sign instead of line. I’m so funny. Truth be told, I do wonder what is going to be the policy at professional sporting events.

Should players be allowed to dictate what fans are or are not allowed to hoist up during a game?

What about this idea of the right to peacefully protest?

What if it’s just a sign of hating on the team or the players and not a religion or race?

I feel in a lot of ways Kyrie Irving is actually right and this is why:

Those players are there to play the game of basketball. The reason we love sports so much is in a lot of ways because they are a distraction from all of the horrible atrocities that are happening in this world. Those signs, despite trying to make a point, were a true distraction from the game itself and had nothing to do with teams, players or whatnot.

The game itself? The Mavericks lost to the Jazz in a blowout by a score of 127-90. Kyrie himself had 14 points, nine rebounds and four assists.

Our Cavs play tonight at home against the Wizards – 7 pm. No, I am not attending and no I do not have any signs for future games either.



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