Former Cavalier Rondo ‘Allegedly’ Threatens Ex-Wife With Gun

Well, I didn’t know former Cavaliers point guard Rajon Rondo personally, he seemed like a pretty stand-up guy from my perspective as a Cavs fan. Rondo, age 36, played the majority of his career with the Celtics. He also saw time with the Kings, Bulls, Pelicans, Lakers, Hawks, Clippers and of course our Cavaliers. Quite the well-traveled player.

Now, on May 11 Rondo was accused of pointing a gun at his ex-wife, Ashley Bachelor, in their Louisville home. His two children were also in the room.

Via Yahoo Sports: Ashley Bachelor submitted an application May 13 in Jefferson County (Ky.) Family Court for an emergency protective order against Rondo. It was approved the same day by Judge Denise Brown, according to documents obtained by the Courier Journal.

Wow, that is some serious stuff. This is a sad story because a lot of people look up to athletes such as Rondo. He was really well-liked on the Cavaliers and many were actually hoping he could make a return to the team for the upcoming season.

Athletes are human too and they are far from flawless as we’ve seen in the past with many others. This is yet another story of violence from an athlete. It’s sad when these players do not get the proper help they need.

If true, Rondo needs to get the right help needed and also the correct punishment too.

Here is a statement from Rondo’s ex-wife:

Rondo, while holding a gun, “began yelling and cursing” at their son and “asking why he was afraid of him.” Eventually, Rondo was “yelling and cursing at both children, demanding to know why they were scared of him and effectively holding them at gun point,” Bachelor said in her statement. Via Yahoo Sports 

Well, I’d be scared if my dad was pointing a gun and screaming at me. Regardless, that’s not the point. This is a scary and dangerous situation because of the severity of what can happen when a gun is involved.

Unfortunately, Rondo may never play basketball again in the NBA if the league hands down a suspension of some type. We’ll have to wait and see on that front.

Rajon Rondo had a fantastic career in the NBA playing point guard for many teams over many years. It’s a shame that it appears to be crashing down in such a horrific manner.

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