February 25, 2024

I made a post a few days ago that went “viral.” You can see the post below.

With the Big Game coming up and Taylor Swift’s boy TE Travis Celce’s Chiefs in the big game, it’s certainly a topic of interest for fans.

A lot of men are pissed about Taylor being in the audience, her being on camera during games and whatnot.

Is it really a big deal? Well, no not exactly. However, it’s enough for those like myself to be talking about her and that example of the post going viral shows the craziness this relationship has caused.

The truth is that football and sports in general are an escape. A detour away from our personal lives, problems and issues. Even if our favorite team is sucking (like the Browns literally almost every year of my life), the end result for the game isn’t the biggest problem in the world. Truth can be said for movies and everything entertainment-wise.

Because of watching the NFL and really from this post I’ve made, in some ways, I am a Taylor Swift expert. Just kidding.

What fans of the NFL want is that aforementioned escape. The fact that T Swift gets shown, referenced and talked about is why these “grown men” that can’t stand her have a problem with it.

The “grown men” want to watch a football game without distractions and not have it be almost as much about a pop star and her relationship with a player as it is about the game itself.

I was frankly shocked that the FB post got so much attention. I truthfully wrote it out as a little joke on the feed during the game expecting very little response.

Fun fact: The Celce bros and my mother went to the same high school, Cleveland Heights High. A couple of years apart (don’t want to age anyone), but it’s a small world.


I personally do not “hate” Taylor Swift or the fact she gets all of this attention. I mean I’m writing an article about her. I admire her stardom. Would I prefer the games without pop stars like her to get all of this attention?

Yes, unless I become a star athlete like Travis Kelce and end up having a smoking hot successful singer as talented as her as my girlfriend.

Enjoy the Taylor Bowl. I mean uh Super…what’s it called again?



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