Flashback! Flashback! Flashback! LeBron Does it…Again?


It’s the playoff season and yes the Cavs had a very disappointing 101-97 loss to the Knicks on the home floor. However, let’s take a minute and revert from that pretty awful performance and focus on something else for a moment.

There’s this guy. His name is LeBron James. Ever heard of him before? Well, LeBron, now playing for the Lakers against the Grizzlies, had this play in their Game 1.

Watch this video and tell me if it doesn’t remind you of something!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Talk about a flashback. So we all remember “The Block” on June 19th, 2016. That play looks familiar, especially for it being in the playoffs. Let’s watch it for the millionth time HERE:

Of course, there will be no block, in my opinion, that will ever be better than LeBron’s against Golden State in Game 7 of the Finals. I’d even argue that there will be no play that (with the significance taken into account) will be any better in sports history.

Moving forward, the Lakers have a chance to now win their opening series over the Grizzlies after taking the first game on the road, 128-112.

After winning Game 1 in a series, the Lakers have won 24 series in a row. That’s the longest streak in the NBA…

For our Cavs against the Knicks, it’s going to take better rebounding, helping Spida Mitchell and some bench play too.

Yeah, that LeBron block made me a little tingly, had me reflecting on that glorious 2016 run and winning the series against the Warriors in comeback fashion down 3-1.

At 38 years old, King James doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon and it’s absolutely crazy to watch…

Even though James is not on my team now, I’ve learned recently to appreciate what you’ve got while you have it. LeBron won us that promised title and there is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring his play.


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