February 26, 2024

FIVE Ways The Cleveland Browns Can Turn It Around In The 2022 Season


The Cleveland Browns suffered yet another, horrible, loss this past Sunday. This time it was against the New England Patriots. The Browns have been heavily struggling on both their offensive and defensive sides of the ball. With this now being the Browns’ third straight loss, here are some keys to turning it around and still finding a way to have a promising season.

1. Run The Ball

Just like many other Browns fans, people have definitely heard me scream these three words at least 500 times this season at my backer’s bar. The Browns have the best run duo in the entire league and the staff still won’t go with the obvious. The Browns are a run-first team and both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt need to be just as involved in this game with the rest of the offense.

2. Stop Going For It On 4th Down

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski has been “all about the numbers” this season and has made very poor decisions on trying to covert on 4th downs. The Browns have had plenty of point opportunities to put points on the board and Stefanski has caused many of these opportunities to be ruined.

3. Kick The Field Goals and Take The Points

This coincides with the second key. Instead of going for it on 4th down on the goal line, it is absolutely okay to kick a field goal and get some points. The Browns have not understood that at all this season. They drafted a 4th round kicker to make field goals and yet we aren’t using him??? The Browns have got to do better with their drives and finish with at least three or seven points each time.

4. Stop Playing Prevent Defense The Whole Game

This is a game style that should never ever, and I mean ever, be played. The Browns love to play prevent defense for some reason, even if it is the beginning of the game. The Patriots were getting 20-30 yard pass plays completed each play throughout the game last Sunday and the Browns Defense did not do anything about it. The defense needs to change its game plan up and put pressure on the opponent’s offense.

5. Become A Team Again and Win Together

A lot of these Browns players and staff have experience in being in the winning column and having a winning season. Not much should have changed the way their play was from the past two seasons. The Browns need to find a way to come together again as a team and staff to be successful yet again. There is still much time in the season for the Browns to have a promising season and bounce back. Come together now and find ways to win as you used to. Let’s Go Browns!!!!

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