Five Things LeBron Shouldn’t Do Tonight

With LeBron a bit under the weather for Game 5, I have come up with a satirical list of all things he should avoid due to his illness. These are the doctor’s orders and must be followed.

1. Touch The Ball

Anytime LeBron touches the ball he puts every player on both teams at risk for getting sick also. We don’t want more players on the Cavs to get sick. Now the Celtics, well, it’s not like they can beat the Cavs healthy anyway.

2. Talk

By talking, LeBron could further irritate his throat which is probably already very sore. He must play the game in complete silence and rely on hand motions to communicate with his teammates.

3. Run Down The Court

If LeBron wants to get better, running is not going to help him. He must carefully walk up and down the court, making sure to avoid contact with players from either team.

4. Dance During Pregame

We have seen, particularly in these playoffs, that LeBron loves to dance during pregame and while walking out of the tunnel. This is not allowed tonight. The King should not outwardly express his pleasure at a good beat on the loudspeaker because the extreme movement could cause him to get sicker.

5. Hold Up EC Champs Trophy

If the Cavs are to win even with a sick LeBron, having him use any type of strength to lift up the trophy could really keep him out for some of the finals games. Let Kyrie do it just like you did in Game 4. Roasted…

IN all seriousness, I expect LeBron to have a great game and lead the charge as the Cavs close the series against the Boston Celtics in five games. LeBron will be able to do more than touch the ball and run, he’s going to dominate this game because that’s what great players do when it counts most.

Through sickness and health, we love you LeBron.


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