FIVE Things Baker Mayfield Can Do To Bounce Back Next Season

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield celebrates after running back Kareem Hunt scored a touchdown during the second half of the team's NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020, in Cleveland. The Browns won 35-30. (AP Photo/David Richard)

He must win

Mayfield has won here as a Cleveland Brown. He has one of the most successful careers of any previous Browns quarterback in the history of the franchise. Currently, he’s 30-31 as a starter if you count the playoff games from two seasons ago. I’ve gone through those statistical numbers in the past and won’t bore you with them here, but he is far better than any quarterback we’ve had playing for the Browns in decades. Some would like to argue here that because I’m suggesting that Mayfield has done better than other Browns quarterbacks of the past then I’m giving in to this idea that the team or fans are settling on Mayfield. They’ll say, “He can’t get you to the Super Bowl.”

No one is settling here. Mayfield is a good quarterback. The numbers and play on the field support that. It takes a lot to get to the Super Bowl, let alone win, and as Browns fans, we certainly know the difficulty in getting there, to begin with.

Winning helps a lot of things and if Mayfield can get his team back on track in the “W” column some of this anti-Mayfield chatter cab cease for a while.


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