December 9, 2023

It is always a great day when the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t win. However, oddly enough, the Steelers didn’t lose to the Detroit Lions either. It was a tie with the final score being 16-16.

The goal of overtime is to score a touchdown. The first team to do that wins. If other points are scored (field goal or safety), the other team has the chance to match those points or score a touchdown for the win., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

I do not like this idea of a tie to end a football game. Yes, even if it’s the hated Steelers not winning. I want a winner to be determined and here are five ideas if there is no winner decided at the end of the overtime quarter resulting in a tie.

Note: In the playoffs, the game continues to a second overtime until a winner is determined.

Idea #1: Field Goal Competition

Have each team kick 10 50-yard field goals. The team with the most successful kicks wins.

Idea #2: Throwing Contest 

Whichever team has a player that can throw the football the farthest wins.

Idea #3: 100-yard Dash

Whichever team has the fastest designated player run the 100-yard dash wins.

Idea #4: Good Hands Contest 

Have a machine launch 10 passes and require a wide receiver to attempt to catch them. Most successful catches wins.

Idea #5: Jump Ball Contest 

Have a member of each offense and defense line up against each other. Require the offensive player to go at least 25 yards and catch a pass while being guarded by the defender. Starting quarterback to throw pass. The winning team is the team that catches the farthest pass. Each team gets a chance to pass. If both teams defend the first cycle with an incompletion, then there is a second one.

In each idea, the home team would get to choose if they want to go first in the contest or allow the other team to start

There have been 282 ties in NFL history. Of course, it’s not a common occurrence. However, we did just see it happen last Sunday. One may laugh at the ideas in this article. What’s funny is the fact that a sporting event ends without a real winner. The NFL needs to figure out how to prevent this from ever happening again.


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