Five Reasons Why You Are Struggling to Watch the Cavs

5. Lack of Fans in the Arenas

The atmosphere simply isn’t the same because teams are only allowed to have a set amount of fans in the arena for the games. This is to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It makes sense and is good the NBA is doing it, however, it takes away from that feeling of 20,562 emphatic fans rising up in Cleveland after a dunk or huge three. The games just aren’t the same and that’s true for any sport and not just basketball.

Well, let’s hope in the coming years that the Cavs are able to improve through the draft, COVID ends and the team can become a title contender once more! For now, we begrudgingly watch the games out of obligation…or secretly flip on “FRIENDS” re-runs. Just know…The Sports Gods are watching, haha!


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