Five Reasons the Cavs Need to Not Tank


#5 Consistent Overhaul Ensues 

The NBA is a coaching nightmare when you aren’t competing. As mentioned earlier, the Orlando Magic have been well below average in the past years and they have recycled coaches consistently throughout its rebuilding process. We saw this process when LeBron left and the Cavs had multiple coaches throughout the four years.

Overhauling your front office is not an attractive thing to a free agent and constantly changing the front office messes with the image of the future and the ideas for the front office. You see this with the Cleveland Browns in the NFL as they are always changing the front office and coaching around which truly complicates things. You bring one guy in that wants to groom the point guards and then you bring one coach that only wants to focus on offense and pushing the ball up the court.

It’s unknown how long the Cavs will keep Ty Lue but it’d be surprising to see the Cavs let go of their front office pieces in the near future.

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