Five Reasons the Cavs Need to Not Tank


#3 – The Team Can Acquire Picks Through Trades

The Cavaliers have rumored to be shopping Kyle Korver and George Hill. Moving these pieces would be smart and they can ship them to contenders that are a couple pieces away and the possibility of receiving picks for them are possible.

It’s been known that if the Cavs finish outside of the top 10 that they lose the pick that was given to them by the Atlanta Hawks, who are also rebuilding currently. Fans have accepted the fact that they will not have picks next season, however, this is not true. Cleveland has the ability to trade off pieces that are no longer needed on the team, such as big contracts or aging players that would be able to produce on contending teams.

The Cavs aren’t guaranteed draft picks in return for their players but there’s a chance they could strengthen the team through free agency and through late draft picks.

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