February 27, 2024

Five Reasons People Aren’t Excited About The Tribe – When You Should Be


The Indians play their first game of the season this afternoon in Minnesota against the Twins. This offseason wasn’t sexy. We didn’t sign an OBJ-like talent. A LeBron-like player didn’t come home; Carlos Santana did. It already feels like Fransisco Lindor is gone. Here are some reasons people aren’t pumped, but maybe you should be:

Reason One: This Offseason Sucked

It felt like the Indians traded have of the team away…because they sort of did. From Edwin Encarnacion to Yonder Alonso and Andrew Miller, too, every day it felt like we were waking up to snow and another key cog to our playoff run gone.

Why You Should Disregard This:

Our division is terrible and the Tribe will win it again unless something crazy goes well. The team still has plenty of talent, especially with the starting pitching. Just be patient.

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