Five Reasons Games 3 & 4 Matter

In a perfect world, the inevitable would begin tonight. The Cavs would head to Oakland and face the Warriors in the NBA Finals, rubber match addition. Each team has the clearest of paths and only two games separate them both from the battle.

For the Cavs, a trip back home to Cleveland is in store first. With a 2-0 lead against the Isaiah Thomas-less Celtics AND with two home games upcoming, it shouldn’t be much of a challenge to finish the job. The Celtics have all but left for their various summer vacation destinations.

However, these two games must be played and if the Cavs don’t keep up their intensity, a trip back to Boston may actually end up happening. Here are five reasons why these games matter.

1. Consistent Kyrie 

Kyrie Irving struggled throughout most of the postseason until Game 2 on Friday. It would be great to see him play really well in Games 3 & 4 before the finals where he has to be the best. In order to beat the Warriors, he has to find his efficiency.

2. Showing the Home Fans Some Love

Cavs fans haven’t seen a home game since May 3rd. 18 days later and the team returns up 2-0 and ready to get back to the NBA Finals. It’s time to show the fans appreciation for their long wait to see the team again.

3. LeBron’s Legacy and Numbers 

Every second of every game that LeBron plays at this level is a treat to watch and should be appreciated. He’s sadly not always going to be this good and will one day retire. We shouldn’t just wish away games that he’s going to be playing in…

4. Sticking it to Boston

I don’t know about you, but I hate the Celtics. Beating them down another two games will be very fun to watch, especially the fact that they are the one seed. In the first two games, seeing the camera flash on apoplectic fans was hilarious, although most of them were simply stunned.

5. The Celebration

Since the Cavs are the road team, a sweep would result in the Eastern Conference Finals celebration taking place at home. Now, it’s not the same as winning it all, but anything with a trophy and your favorite team is exciting.

So play hard Cavs and fans – enjoy the games!

By: @ShafOnSports 






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