FIVE Reasons Cleveland Fans Should Be Excited About The Guardians In 2022

The MLB lockout is no more as Major League Baseball will have a season in 2022. That means the Cleveland Guardians will be playing and baseball will be back in Cleveland. This article will display five significant points on why Cleveland fans should be excited about the 2022 Guardians.

1. Baseball Will Be Back In Cleveland

After being the Indians for 115 years of baseball, the Cleveland Baseball Team will now be under a new team name called The Guardians. While many fans are heartbroken over this, it does not mean there will no longer be baseball in Cleveland. Progressive Field and the City of Cleveland has agreed to a 15-year extension on the stadium meaning baseball will be staying in Cleveland for a long time. Whether they are the Indians or the newly named Guardians, baseball is upon and staying in Cleveland.

2. Jose Ramirez

Cleveland Baseball is known for letting players walk when free agency hits. While that hurts our team since Cleveland is a smaller market, it does not mean we can build around the stars we currently have. The Guardians still have Third Baseman Jose Ramirez who is a great asset to build around. Ramirez is one of the best hitters in the MLB. As long as he is on the team, the Guardians will be exciting to watch.

3. A Possible Playoff Appearance

Again, Cleveland is a small market, but that does not mean they can still win. The Guardians are great at drafting and developing players to the Majors. If a few of these Minor League players get hot, they can get invited to the Majors and possibly help the Guardians reach the playoffs. This is an early with a 162-game season, but somehow in the past, Cleveland finds a way to scrap into the postseason.

4. A Fresh Start

Many people are upset and heartbroken about the name change from the Indians to the Guardians. I myself am also sad, but it will take time. This may a good thing for the future of Cleveland Baseball. Maybe a new name gives us new life and more potential on getting a World Series. The Cleveland Indians have not won a World Series since 1948 and have broken many hearts, including mine, in their past appearances in the WS. Maybe the Guardians can do what the Indians could not do, which is finding a way to win a World Series.

5. Dollar Dog Nights, Jersey Nights, Firework Nights, etc.

Many promotions such as Dollar Dogs, Jersey Handouts, Fireworks, etc. will return to Cleveland once again this Spring and Summer. Even though we have a new name, the tradition will still be the same. We will still be able to cheer on our team, we will still be able to say, “Let’s Go Tribe”, we will still be able to wear our jersey’s and enjoy the nighttime fireworks. This name change has been tough and will take time but this is still our team regardless and I can’t wait to cheer our guys on this Summer at the stadium as we always do! Let’s Go Guardians!!!

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