SUPER Reasons The Browns Will Beat the Chiefs in Season Opener

Coach Kevin Stefanski

This coach is like the coolest cat around these days and seemingly has Browns fans wrapped around his finger. Stefanski is just so relaxed all the time and doesn’t get bothered by anything. Dogs and cats could be falling from the sky and he’d be focused and his next offensive play and telling his players to play for the next play and try and go 1-0 each week.

This philosophy has been bought into by his team and that’s why the Browns are so dangerous and confident and have an excellent shot at the Super Bowl.

Stefanski has helped calm his team and his star quarterback in Baker Mayfield.

Before Stefanski got here, Mayfield would yell back at reporters and become defensive at every moment. Now, Mayfield seems like the coolest cat out there other than his even cooler coach.

This Browns team won a playoff game a year ago with their coach in the basement. The impact that Stefanski has had on this team can’t be stated enough.

Believeland now has its coach and with that…watch out NFL and watch out Chiefs because on Sunday the Browns are going to rock the league!!!

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