February 26, 2024

Five Players for Browns Fans to Watch at the Scouting Combine


As the NFL Scouting Combine is coming up, we figured it was a good time to discuss some players that Browns fans should watch. Please note that a player’s inclusion on this list DOES NOT mean that the Browns will draft him or even any player at that position.

Josh Jacobs, RB Alabama

This is not a player the Browns should be looking at, however, Jacobs is an important player in the Browns draft strategy. His draft stock is rising and if he does really well at the Combine, he may get drafted in the Top 16, letting another defensive stud drop to the Browns at 17. While some may be surprised with how high he is rated based on how he played last year, it is important to point out that Jacobs was not used to his fullest potential at Alabama, so his lack of statistics should not be a concern.

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