The Browns won last Sunday, 10-7 over the Texans, in a game that was defined by the rain and winds that made it very difficult to move the football. RB Nick Chubb’s return got off to a slow start, but he and RB Kareem Hunt dominated the fourth quarter and put the game away. In the week since the Browns took the field, both FB Andy Janovich and most importantly DE Myles Garrett, tested positive for COVID-19. Neither one will be on the field Sunday and it’ll be a very difficult challenge for the rest of the defensive line to step up. The Eagles lead the NFC East, but they come into the game with a 3-5-1 record. However, with more wind and rain expected on Sunday, the game plan for the Browns will likely be similar to the plan last Sunday. 

Key #1: Control the Football

    The Browns offense has scored just one touchdown in the last eight quarters they have played. However, even though the offense wasn’t much better against the Texans than they were against the Raiders, they did hold the ball for 10 minutes more of the game against the Texans, in comparison to the Eagles. Nothing helps clock control like running the football and the Browns will need to do that on Sunday. This will also ease the load on the defense, as they try to find a way to deal with the absence of Garrett.

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