Five Hot Takes for the Indians 2018 Season

Kipnis Mostly Plays in Outfield, Ramirez Moves to 2B

CBS Cleveland

Michael Brantley has not been healthy as of late, this we all know. Last year, Jason Kipnis spent some time playing in the outfield due to injuries to both Brantley and Bradley Zimmer. With Brantley’s health being a cause for concern, look for Kipnis to move back to the outfield, most likely filling in for Brantley in left field. If Kipnis moves to the outfield, that means there will be a hole at second base that needs to be filled.

That’s where Jose Ramirez comes into play.

Ramirez has been a second baseman for the majority of his playing career before moving to third base because, well, there’s a former All-Star sitting there in Kipnis. Moving back to second base if Kipnis is in the outfield would be the easiest roster move of the season because Ramirez is naturally a great defender and has proven he can play anywhere, even his short stints in the outfield in 2015 and 2016.

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