February 28, 2024

#2: The Dodgers and Padres Both Win Over 100 Games

    The Dodgers and Padres are absolutely stacked with names such as Bellinger, Tatis, Machado, Bauer, Buehler, Kershaw, Snell, Darvish and Seager, which just scratches the surface of the talent for those two teams. Both teams were on pace for 100 wins last season, with the Dodgers on pace for over 110 wins. The Dodgers will be the favorite to win the division, which could lead to a 100 win Padres team having to play in a one-game playoff. The NLDS between the two teams last year saw tensions rise, especially in a close game two, which could continue into this season. The other three teams in the division have the 12th, 13th and 14th best odds to win the NL, which gives the opportunity for it to quickly become a two-horse race.


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