First Time in History That a Win Isn’t “A Win”

The Browns had more points than the other team, the Buffalo Bills.

For once, looking at the scoreboard, it was clear the Browns won the game.



I am happy, by default, because the Browns were the victors. However, it was almost as if they were trying to purposely lose. As if head coach Freddie Kitchens was attempting to get fired and literally didn’t want to be the leader of the team anymore.

From the missed extra point (partially due to a penalty making it longer), to the eight plays from the one that didn’t register a touchdown, to almost going for it again (if not for a penalty), to making a safety, to randomly burning a timeout with three seconds left in the 3rd, to the pitch to Hunt that almost blew the game…it was ugly.

One more thing – why was wide out Antonio Callaway benched?

They say that, “A win is a win.”

It’s one of the oldest quotes in sports and it basically equates to setting all of the game’s BS aside and simply appreciating the fact that the team won.

In this win against the Bills, I am not sure that is possible. It was an awfully ugly win that almost resulted in another loss on many occasions. Kitchens and company made a plethora of mistakes, continuing that trend this season.

Moving forward, the Browns have a short week before hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers on a Thursday night affair. That will be a real test to see if the Browns can take the good from this win, eliminate the bad and get a second-consecutive win. This time against our arch-rival.

Baker Mayfield was solid, Nick Chubb was very good, Jarvis Landry had a great game minus the penalty, OBJ is still a work-in-progress and the defense held its own holding the Bills to only 16 points.

No, it wasn’t all bad, but it feels like the Browns have so many problems to address and fix. Yes, the score will say progress was made, but is it really better here in Cleveland after the win over Buffalo?

That remains to be seen…

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