Now that all the hype surrounding LeBron coming home has come and gone, we are finally able to sit back and look at how much of a difference having the “King” on the Cavaliers really is. Although many wouldn’t coin LeBron as injury prone, he may have coined the term earlier on this season. Missing up to almost half of January and other brief periods earlier on in the season, LeBron, at times, has not looked anywhere near how he has in the past.

Even with facing all these injuries, LeBron has shown his usual signs of greatness by scoring 40+ points twice this season. As most would believe, one of the main reasons that Love and Irving have performed at such a high level this season would be because of James’ leadership skills. Although most wouldn’t notice, LeBron’s talents have reached realms that they haven’t in past years. LeBron has taken Irving under his wing this season and helped speed the maturation process. Love, a player who has never experienced a winning season in his NBA career, has been greatly strengthened in his decision making due to James’ experience in terms of winning in the NBA.

Beyond having LeBron’s experience, his strength and decision making are at heights that were never seen in his earlier days in Cleveland. Although we don’t see James’ high flying, posterizing dunks that we used to see, LeBron’s driving ability with layups and passing out of shots has greatly improved this season. LeBron has also increased his APG. Sitting out at times, LeBron has had the ability to see how this team operates with and without him at the helm.

LeBron has yet to taste a NBA inals victory in a Wine and Gold uniform, but this year looks to have a chance to change that reoccurring fact. If the Cavaliers don’t win this year, many have them going to the finals next year as well. I believe that LeBron’s competitive drive will propel the Cavs to the Finals.

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