March 4, 2024

Terrible again. I am going to keep this one short and sweet. We are going to look at a few plays here because I am going to try and forget this game right away. Kevin Hogan is an awful quarterback. Hue Jackson clearly knows that he made a mistake throwing Hogan in there and then bringing DeShone back out this week. We let Deshaun Watson torch us, which again, we were in a position to bring him into Cleveland, but did not. The Browns will forever regret not drafting Deshaun Watson and Malik Hooker. I will leave it at that.

You are telling me that the quarterback that would come in during garbage time and march down the field on a 3rd string defense wouldn’t be able to play well against starters? Who knew!

Let’s get into it.

Kevin Hogan sailing a 5-yard out:

What is this? Pre-snap you can see that the Texans are not going to blitz and they are going to drop into a zone. Anyone that has any football knowledge would be able to tell that. The 5-yard out is probably the most simple route to hit as a quarterback and he sailed it. Pathetic.

Kevin Hogan interception:

Man to man. Wide Receivers clearly cannot get open so Kevin Hogan tries to force a one on one throw and it gets picked off. The mistake he made was putting it towards the hash mark as opposed to the sidelines. If you are going to throw this ball, you have to make sure it goes to Duke or out-of-bounds. That’s it.

Kevin Hogan interception, again: 

Holy hell. Simple dig route, clearly open. If only you had a quarterback with enough arm strength to hit an open receiver! Kevin Hogan is late on the throw and he put nothing on it (because he doesn’t have anything to put on it) and it gets picked off. This should’ve been a completion.

Kevin Hogan throws a ball 20 yards out of bounds for no reason:

Look at the receiver on the bottom of the screen. What a great route by him. He killed this cornerback and Kevin Hogan could not hit him. This is a touchdown with any quarterback in the entire league. How can he not hit this guy? He’s wide open. Kevin Hogan literally threw this out of bounds; he had a touchdown.

The Browns defense gives up a long run: 

What the hell is this, Gregg Williams? These guys need to know how to fill in their gaps. If these gaps get filled, he gets stuffed at the line. Instead, they leave two gaps open and there is no one in the second level in the position to get a stop. Jabrill has to run from Mars to make a touchdown-saving tackle.

One positive from this week: McCourty’s pick-6:

Capitalizing on a rookie mistake from Deshaun Watson, Jason took this to the house. The Browns drop back into a zone, Deshaun has the guy open if he hits this over the defensive backs, but he underthrew it and the defense took advantage of it.

This was short and sweet for a reason. Onto the Titans with Deshone Kizer. Let’s progress this rookie quarterback and live with the results. There is no reason to bring in a practice squad quarterback and start him over the rookie and I think Hue realizes that now. The spread for this week is -5.5, I actually think the Browns can cover that spread at home and keep this game moderately close.

We cannot have the defense on the field the entire game. We cannot have turnovers in the red zone. We cannot have a nonexistent run game.

Go Browns.

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