April 14, 2024

Father and Son to be Reunited After Being Separated for Over a Year


With Mason Rudolph being named the Steelers’ starting QB vs. the Browns on Sunday, this will mark the first time he will see his father, DE Myles Garrett, since November of 2019. Father-Son duos are extremely rare in professional sports, with very few families being lucky enough to possess the lucky genetics to breed two world-class athletes with enough longevity to make it possible for their careers to overlap. Notable examples include Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. in the MLB as well as Matthew Dellavedova and Stephen Curry in the NBA. Before Garrett and Rudolph, the NFL had never seen a father and son play at the same time.

Myles Garrett admits that he has not always been the best father to Rudolph, but hopes that both his son and the fans can look beyond their past incidents to understand that he has good intentions: “I really care about my son, but sometimes it takes a little extra to keep him in line,” Garrett stated in a press conference.¬†When asked about the tenuous relationship with his father, Mason Rudolph replied to the media, “Through all of the ups and downs, he has shown that he will always be my daddy, and I will always be his son.” Rudolph then burst into tears and was forced to end his interview early.

Despite the incident in 2019, it is understood that Mason Rudolph maintains respect towards his father as both an athlete and a man. Garrett declined to answer when asked about whether or not he respects his son. The hot mic did pick up audio of Garrett mumbling the words “pansy”, “ass-whoopin”, and “no good combover-headed clown” while reporters sat in silence. It is unsure whether or not those remarks were directed towards Rudolph. Go Browns.

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