Farmer doesn’t attend Manziel’s Pro Day


Ray Farmer will not be attending Johnny Manziel’s Pro Day. That is enough to induce panic into quite a few Browns fans like myself who have taken a keen interest in Texas A&M’s pint sized QB. It is just a Pro Day. I know Browns fans also recollect the fact that the Browns did not interview any QB’s at the combine. If there is anything we know as Cleveland fans, smokescreens are something that we are used to seeing. The Browns never want the fans to know what they are about to do. However, it is time for that to change. The fans deserve a winner and they want to see a winner. After tuning into Johnny Manziel’s pro day, I was impressed. He made some pretty impressive throws. Ray Farmer should have been there. It is not even a matter of wanting to pick him or not wanting to pick him. When it comes down to a top 3 QB prospect and your team needs a QB, you send your front office there to check him out. We have built this team and the time to go try and win is right now. We have a top 3 LT in the game, arguably the best Center, top 5 Corner, and a top 5 WR. Also a budding star in TE Jordan Cameron. The time to go win is now.

Also today it is being reported that star WR Josh Gordon thinks the Browns will select a QB with their 4th overall pick. When your star WR says he thinks they will get a QB, even if you were on the fence about picking one, you pick one. If you were able to catch some of Manziel’s pro day and heard his interview after, he is a winner. There is no doubt about it. Some quotes from Johnny Manziel today, “I wanted to show these guys I’m not scared of anything. Make it as challenging as I could.” “I just want to let these guys know that my focus if football. I see what it takes to be great.” Johnny Football also threw in shoulder pads and a helmet which is something that is not typical. Manziel said, “You don’t see guys coming out on Sundays in a T-shirt and shorts.” To me, that says this guy is serious about his work ethic and he is ready to go. If you are Ray Farmer or Mike Pettine, how can you just not go.

-Ian Tumey @CST_IanT

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