March 4, 2024

Fantasy: How to Save Your Season After Derrick Henry’s Injury


If you are one of the millions of fantasy players that had Derrick Henry on their squad, I want to first express my condolences. That being said, your season may not be over quite yet. The popular narrative for Henry owners is to pack it in and count the season as a lost cause, but this is fantasy football; hope is not lost.

However, it is now time to start taking your risks if you want a shot at making it to the playoffs.

Wheeling and dealing are what make the difference between good and great fantasy players. Be sure to be mindful of who you are trading for, who you are trading with and how much is too much to give.

So now that I got that introduction out of the way, are you ready for the road to redemption? Here is my guide for running backs to target, package deals to consider, and risks to take.

Backs to Replace Henry
Every fantasy team has capital, you just need to determine how much you are willing to spend. Derrick Henry has probably put you in a pretty decent spot record-wise so far, so do not be afraid to take a chance on risky investments.

Leonard Fournette
Fournette has quietly turned into a top 15 running back that you can count on week-to-week. His duality in the run and pass game has proven him to be a fantasy stud this year. However, the ghost of Ronald Jones is still shooting his value for most managers. Even though this is Fournette’s backfield, he is still one of the most undervalued fantasy players this year in an offense that is the best in the NFL. Fournette is a back you will not have to pay a very high price for and will be an instant starter in your lineup.

Antonio Gibson
More of a risky trade here. Gibson has been disappointing this year and especially over his last three games. However, in the early part of the season, Gibson’s fantasy value was solid. The last three weeks of Gibson have been mediocre at best, and the emergence (again) of J.D. Mckissic now may be the perfect window to snag Gibson. Is it a risk? Absolutely, but the Washington offense is stagnant right now, and it seems as if the only traction they have is when they get Gibson going. I believe that The Football Team will go back to their roots with Gibson and get him more involved in the pass and run game.

Kareem Hunt
Yes, Kareem will be out for another few weeks I know, but like I said you may have the record to take a risk and wait for Hunt’s return. This will come down to who you are trading with. For example, if the person who has Kareem has two wins all year and needs players ASAP they would likely accept a low-ball offer to get them by for another few weeks. When Kareem comes back he will be in RB2 territory and you will have had given up essentially nothing for him.

Elijah Mitchell
This is the last time I am talking about a 49er running back. HOWEVER, we cannot deny the volume and explosiveness that Mitchell has provided out of the 49ers backfield and the fact that coach kyle Shannahan loves him. He is risky because of how often he gets injured, but he has continuously been the go-to-back when he is healthy. Most owners are hesitant to put him in that RB1/2 category because they have not seen it consistently yet. But, if Mitchell can stay healthy, I think he can be a potential RB1.

Rules to Rebuild

Build Depth
Now, some of these trades are going to be based on risks, but you want to make sure that you hedge your bets. That means you need to replace guys that you traded for guys that you can sub in and out on a week-to-week basis just in case some of your “investments” don’t work out. This is the tricky part, so make sure you have two deals in place before you make your first one. If you do that then you will always ensure that you are happy with your lineup. Think two steps ahead of the next guy.

Build Your Go-to-Starters
This is where you are going to have sacrificed, but we all have those players that many people under-value that we see as having the potential to be week-to-week starters. These are the guys I consider the “Investments” and will be the basis for turning your team around. This is also where you are going to need to be willing to give up some of your cornerstone players. As hard as it might be, no one player is going to replace the value of Henry, so you need to stockpile consistent starters.

Shop Derick Henry
Listen the Titans are going to be careful with Henry’s foot injury. With the amount of work he is accustomed to, wearing defenses down, there is no room for a rush job, no matter how eager the Titans may become. But, owners at the top of your league will marvel at the chance to take a risk on Henry at the right price. This is where you can build depth. Derrick Henry has not been ruled out for the whole year officially yet, use that to your advantage and get some more pieces.

Do Not Start With Low-Ball Offers
If you start with an absurd offer you are immediately losing the person with any additional trade offers after that. It is important to find comparison trades that make sense because your opponent knows that you are in the worst possible position you could be in. in other words, don’t try to play a player.

Injuries are a natural part of fantasy and this can be a one size fits all method when one of your key guys goes down. That being said, I cannot remember a more devastating injury that has left fantasy managers this bad.



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