As Clevelanders, we all know Josh Gordon faces a lengthy suspension as a result of a reported positive drug test, followed by DWI charges. Our star receiver has since filed an appeal and patiently awaits the verdict. A decision is expected within a couple weeks after the start of training camp on July 26th. Until then, fans, reporters, and analysts will speculate and share their thoughts on the matter.

One ESPN analyst, Cris Carter, who struggled with addiction throughout his years with the Philadelphia Eagles, decided to express his advice for the Browns. “This is gut-wrenching to say this, but I really believe the only thing that’s going to help this kid is if they release him,” Carter stated. This statement sparked numerous fan and even analytical debates. Although this tactic may have worked for the Hall of Famer, not everyone responds to the same stimulus. Additionally, cocaine is far different from marijuana. With no team and no support group, Josh Gordon could fall deeper into addiction and furthermore, possibly end his brief career.

Cutting ties with our rising star would not only be idiotic, but could prove to be costly in the long run. With the luck of all Cleveland sports teams, Josh Gordon, would be released, sober up, clean up his act, and sign within the division. I can envision it now, Gordon torching our secondary and donning the worst color combination ever, black and yellow. Is that what you want?

No, is the obvious answer, but some aren’t as forgiving as others. The problem is apparent, but can’t that be overlooked? The kid, 23 years old, enjoys getting high. You have players committing worse crimes like DUI manslaughter (Donte Stallworth) and spousal abuse (Ray Rice), but a young adult smoking pot is the last straw? Come on, man! I am not condoning Gordon’s actions, but the situation could be more devastating. Despite my feelings towards Gordon’s case, I honestly believe the punishment should fit the crime.

Here’s my proposition, suspend the receiver for six games, relinquish six game checks, and enter the young man into a rehabilitation program. Josh Gordon isn’t a criminal; he is just a growing adult learning the responsibilities of being a professional football player. This kid’s future shouldn’t be thrown away, it should be coveted. Josh Gordon does need help, but how can he find it if no one is there to pick his head up?

When asked about releasing the Baylor product, the Browns new head coach, Mike Pettine gave a favorable reply, “No, we’re firm. We want to find that middle ground. Josh Gordon is a Cleveland Brown. We want to do what’s best for him. We have a player that potentially needs help. Whether it’s him or whether it’s anybody else that wears the uniform, if we can help, we’ll help.”

-Max Gold

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