When news broke that the Cleveland Browns were extending the contracts of both head coach Kevin Stefanski and general manager Andrew Berry, most people were excited about it. After all, the team had just gone 11-6 and made the playoffs (despite a disappointing first-round loss).

I like this idea that the players play and I think this is especially true when it comes to injuries. Citing the Browns and it’s quarterback DeShaun Watson and his right shoulder and running back Nick Chubb and his knee that are most important moving forward heading into the upcoming season. Chubb also had a tough injury back at Georgia in college in 2015. The wear and tear these players take especially at the running back position are wild.

It’s very hard in most situations to point out when a coach messed up in regards to a player’s injury. Sadly, it really just has to do with the chance of the player taking the hit or falling funny that unfortunately ruins the seasons for them.

This year, the Browns have both their quarterback and running back that are recovering from very serious injuries. Two players that are of huge impact for the team as a whole and will really decide how the season goes in Cleveland.

Yeah, one could cite this play call or that formation where the coach messed up but as I said already, the players play and that cannot be more true heading into this upcoming season.

If Watson and Chubb are both able to play all 17 games it will completely impact how the season goes verus if either of them once again gets injured. It’s certainly a wait-and-see type of deal and that will certainly set the tone for this next season and beyond with these coaches and front office.

This is why I really have a hard time truly predicting how things are going to go heading into next year. It’s all pending on health and that’s an unfortunate reality to this gruesome sport.

“I’m getting better every day, taking it day by day, getting better,” Chubb told media on Wednesday in his first news conference since suffering the injury last September. “Yeah, just right now, trying to get stronger.

“I like where I’m at. I’m where I need to be, I would say that. The biggest thing for me is getting better every day.”

There’s no reason not to be excited about the possibilities that the future holds, but it will also be extremely ill-advised to not remember how much injuries have impacted specifically these two players in Watson and Chubb.

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