April 19, 2024

Here we are, in the midst of another miserable season and possibly on the road to being winless. Once again, the quarterback position continues to be the issue for this team.

You could argue that the Browns’ DeShone Kizer doesn’t have an adequate head coach or enough weapons to win with. With that being said, even when there are plays to be made, he doesn’t seem to make them. His inconsistency is glaring and that should’ve been a red flag considering this goes back to his Notre Dame days. Kizer has improved, but the Browns have many tough options regarding the future at quarterback moving forward.

If Kizer is the guy moving forward, Cleveland could draft two offensive studs with their first-round picks and that could help build around him. Saquon Barkley could replace a running back by the name of Isaiah Crowell who is currently underachieving during a contract year. Courtland Sutton or Calvin Ridley should add competence to a receiving room void of talent.

Another option could be signing a veteran QB throughout the offseason and ride with him into the future. Names like Tyrod Taylor and Kirk Cousins will pop up a lot in the upcoming months. It’s a risky move considering both of these QBs will require a lot of money. Fortunately, the Browns have the second-most cap space in the NFL and could make this happen.

This leaves us with our last viable option, which is drafting a QB No.1 overall. As Browns fans, I think we all know it’s starting to seem that way. Whether it’s Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, or Lamar Jackson. All of these guys will be overdrafted, so if he’s your guy, don’t hesitate to take him with the first overall pick. Let’s not end up in the same situation we did with Carson Wentz or Deshaun Watson.

Here is my number one selection in the 2018 NFL Draft:


Baker Mayfield – Mayfield is a very polarizing prospect. People are concerned about his off-field issues and the gesture he recently made to Kansas while they were standing on their own sidelines. I don’t find this to be an issue. He’s got a fiery passion about the game and will always be ready when the team needs him the most. Along with that, he doesn’t miss out on opportunities and usually capitalizes. Mayfield can make any throw and his ability to make a play out of broken plays is off the charts. Many people are worried about his height and how he won’t be able to see from the pocket, but his OL at Oklahoma turns out to be the NFL average in terms of size, so there should be no extra challenge there. The Johnny Manziel comparison will never go away and in fact, this will be brought up even more as we move closer to the draft. Even though Mayfield has similar abilities to Manziel, like the arm talent and scrambling capability, you don’t get the boneheaded decisions along with it.

Through twelve games, these are his absolutely staggering numbers:

71.4% Completion rate – 4,097 yards – 11.8 Y/A – 37 TD ; 5 INT – 92.5 QBR

Considering he has all of the tools and the production that comes with it, you’d be crazy not to want this man as a leader of your team. Make your move, Browns.






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