September 25, 2022

Expert Opinion: Tim Settle’s Profile

Virginia Tech’s Tim Settle is a 330-pound beast. Last season for the Hookies, he had 36 tackles, 12.5 for a loss and four sacks as well. Despite leaving school after just his sophomore year, he could be a force in the middle of an NFL defensive line in the coming years.

At the Combine, he ran a 5.47 40-yard dash, 23.5 verticle jump and a 96″ broad jump.

What’s most notable with Settle is his quickness for his size. He’s able to make plays in the middle, despite being well over 300 pounds. He has an amazing motor and can stay on the field because of it. He’s a natural 4-3 fit, but he can adapt to the 3-4 if it comes down to it.

Settle lost a lot of weight and some fear that he could gain that back once in the NFL. Additionally, he’s only played in 23 college games, so he is very inexperienced.

I expect Settle to go sometime in the second round. I believe his inexperience and potential weight issues will scare many teams away, but a team will take a gamble because of that motor.

The Browns traded away Danny Shelton and they do have the youngster, Larry Ogonjobi, to take his place. I could see the Browns taking a gamble on Settle but I would not count on it.

Best of luck, wherever he lands!



Photo: ESPN

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