February 26, 2024

Who is Mike McGlinchey?

He is a Philadelphia native, a two-time captain at Notre Dame and he is Matt Ryan’s cousin.

Mike was a four-year starter at a collegiate program known for producing solid offensive linemen. It also helps that he played in a pro-style line coached by Harry Hiestand. Harry coached the offensive line for the Chicago Bears from 2005-2009 and was rehired by them for this upcoming season. McGlinchey was groomed to be a offensive tackle in the NFL and it doesn’t matter what side he is on because he has proven himself on both sides. His versatility and athleticism makes him an appealing prospect.

Playing both left and right tackle in college helped him understand the game better. He was able to identify his proper blocking target at both levels and even when the play goes off script, he manages to find where he belongs. McGlinchey has quick feet, shows fluid movement in space and never seems to be off-balance making him effective at the second level.

The Philly native also has great size (6’8″) and length to be an effective pass blocker. He has long arms and knows how to leverage his length and weight (315 lbs) to his advantage. Even when he is beaten, his length creates a longer path to the quarterback. He is strong enough to win one-on-one situations and even take on multiple defenders.

However, the prospect does a natural disadvantage. He stands a good four to five inches above the defender he is facing, so he can’t always muster the strength to overcome that leverage disadvantage. McGlinchey is susceptible to strong defensive ends with quick hands.

Mike McGlinchey was a projected late first round to early second round pick. He looked pretty good at the combine with 24 reps on the bench press and a 28.5 inch vertical. Mike solidified his draft stock, if not improved it. I have no doubt that he will be selected in the first round. My guess is around the middle of the round to Baltimore at 16, Los Angeles (Chargers) at 17 or even Seattle at 18.


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