Kerryon Johnson is a physical runner born and raised in Alabama and attended Auburn for college. He spent three years at Auburn and in his junior year was named the SEC offensive player of the year and AP All-American. When watching Kerryon there is a lot to love about his game; he could really be as good of a pro as he was a college player.

Kerryon has a lot of talent that could translate to the NFL. First off he is a physical, hard-nosed runner that can wear down a team. He has great burst and is quick to hit his top gear. As well as being a physical runner he can also elude safeties and linebackers in the open field. He is not a huge pass threat but can make catches in the flat and other check downs if called upon. He also is a great pass blocker and picks up blitzing linebackers very well. One of the best pass blocking running backs in this draft class. Most draft scouts see him as a 2nd-3rd round prospect with a lot of solid upside and the only real criticisms of him are durability concerns and vision concerns., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Now, the real question is could the Cleveland Browns use one of their second round or third round picks to draft him and honestly that would make a lot of sense. The Browns currently have Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson on their roster and Kerryon would be a perfect back to add to that committee. He is a great player that could be used to help around the goal line or on 3rd downs. It gives themselves a versatile back that could be used in a number of ways and especially to help in the pass game. He helps in pass catching as well as pass blocking which could be invaluable for the Browns in the next few seasons. You should not be surprised if you hear his name called by the Browns in the early second or third round.

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