Expert Opinion: Kemoko Turay’s Profile

Kemoko Turay is more than just a cool name. He was an outside linebacker for Rutgers University and has declared for the NFL draft. So, where will he land?

First, let’s check his background and see if this kid has what it takes. Turay played in 11 games and was productive as a freshman as he finished the season with 7.5 sacks and eight tackles for a loss. His production took a hit over the next two seasons due to injuries and a reduced role, but bounced back in a big way in 2017. A healthy Thomas recorded 65 tackles, seven for a loss and four sacks.

The 6’5″ linebacker has a good motor, good close out speed and can finish tackles. Not only is he a sure tackler, but he is also a lane clogger with his lateral quickness. Thomas is able to play the run and drop into coverage which is always a positive trait teams are looking for. Now Turay may possess NFL traits, but still needs more reps and coaching.

When rushing, Kemoko comes in too high making him susceptible to blockers. He gets bounced around too much unable to absorb the contact and push through it. He could also improve his hands and work on his finesse moves.

Currently, Turay is projected as a third-round pick. He has positive traits that teams covet, but lacks experience and may slide into the later rounds.

Check out his highlights and you will see how he can apply pressure on the outside or up the middle:

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