The 2018 NFL Draft isn’t full of the most promising offensive lineman, but Georgia’s Isaiah Wynn may catch some eyes. Even though he may be a great pro, many teams have relied on free agency because there are only three OGs in the top-50 overall players and do not want to risk heading into next season with less than stellar play at that position.

Wynn is currently ranked as the second-best OG in this year’s class, right behind Notre Dame’s Quenton Nelson. He’s three inches shorter than the average offensive lineman, but that works to his advantage. It’s much easier to move your man when you can get under him and drive using your legs and upper body. Standing at 6’2″ 300 lbs, his short and stout build helps him gain that leverage he needs to do so.

He plays with fluidity in his movement and has above-average quickness. Wynn tends to get into blocks with tight footwork and runs his feet through contact while staying connected and rarely falls off. His experience at left tackle and left guard will allow him to gain more advantages. Utilizes his body control, balance, and feet to handle counter rush moves. Also, he plays with discipline and has exceptional hand strength.

Wynn does have some concerns though. He loses patience on occasion and will chase rather than standing his ground and make defenders come at him. He may lack pop in his hips to disrupt defenders who are clogging running lanes. Getting better arm extension into his initial punch will benefit him.

Isaiah Wynn is projected to go in either the first or second-round. The Cleveland Browns hold three second-round picks in this year’s draft and they could be in play for him. Since Joe Thomas retired, the Browns could keep him at LG and move Joel Bitonio to LT or vice versa.

Here is one of Wynn’s best performances:

Image: ESPN

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