Expert Opinion: DE Harold Landry’s Profile


Boston College defensive end Harold Landry is considered one of the best pass rushers available in this year’s draft. Landry is 6’3” and 250 lbs. While he played defensive end in college many see him best suited for an outside linebacker in a 3 – 4 defense. This is one reason why many draft experts will list him as “edge” instead of defensive end.

At the Combine, Landry was extremely impressive. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.64 seconds, did 24 reps at the bench press and had a vertical jump of 36 inches. The most impressive and important thing at the Combine for Landry was the 3-cone drill which he completed in 6.88 seconds. For edge rushers it is important to do this drill in seven seconds or less because it shows the burst of speed around corners which is an important part of being an edge rusher.

One thing that is very impressive about Landry is that he doesn’t only try to get a sack; he tries to knock the ball out of the quarterback’s hand. This shows his commitment to his team as he is not just looking for the stats for himself, he is trying to force turnovers for the betterment of the team.

Landry has “bend and burst” abilities. His athleticism is off the charts and while he does not have ideal height, he has very long arms, which is helpful when getting after the quarterback.

Unfortunately for Landry he does not have the upper body strength that one associates with edge rushers. Additionally, he had some difficulty dealing with big offensive tackles.

Many have compared his playing style to Bruce Irvin, Vic Beasley and Von Miller. NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks is very high on Landry and said on a recent episode of the “Move the Sticks” podcast that in five years from now Landry will be the sack leader from this draft class.

While he is an excellent prospect, Harlod Landry does not fit well in the Browns defensive system. The Browns play a 4 – 3 defense, as well as a lot of nickel but not the 3 – 4, which is where Landry is best suited. The Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans are just two of the teams who have been linked to Landry due to their use of the 3 – 4 defense.

Harold Landry should be a successful NFL player for a long time; let’s just hope he won’t be going up against the Browns too often, like as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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