December 9, 2023

Expert Opinion: Cody O’Connell’s Profile

Cody O’Connell is a 6’9″ 263-pound guard out of Washington St. He is nicknamed the “The Continent” for his size.

As mentioned, the senior has remarkable size for his position, but with that comes a lack of quickness and agility that is desired. He actually was not invited to the NFL Combine, but some do still like his chances to make it to the NFL. He’s a better pass blocker than he is at run blocking. He needs to get more physical to make it., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Rob Rang of

“The biggest hindrance for players of that is they don’t bend their knees very well – but he does,” said Rang. “And he is relatively agile for a man of that size. I still believe he can play in the NFL. I just don’t know what position (tackle or guard). I think he is physical enough, I think he is balanced enough … I think he can be effective in the NFL especially in an offense that (passes a lot). There are a number of clubs out there that could use some help on the interior of the line that could be intrigued by O’Connell.”

Via NFL:

“When he gets beat by quickness, he has no chance to recover. None. I think NFL teams will scheme him into facing mismatches on all passing downs. He’s big but I think it works against him more than it works for him.” – NFL offensive line consultant
If he is drafted at all, I expect it to be in the 6th or 7th round. This late in the draft, the Browns could certainly take a project offensive lineman. I’m just not sure I see longstanding NFL potential with O’Connell.


Photo: ESPN

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