Besides Calvin Ridley, who is speculated to be a top-15 draft selection, a ton of gray area exists on the next best receiving option in this year’s draft. Christian Kirk is one of those names to be on the lookout for a little deeper down on draft boards.

The 5’11” Kirk was without question the biggest offensive playmaker at Texas A&M over the last few years. The numbers speak for themselves, really., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

A lot of NFL minds are comparing Kirk’s skillset to Golden Tate. He’s an outstanding athlete who ran a 4.47 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. He’s going to use that quickness and agility to be dangerous on special teams and kick returns. He has solid hands and is a reliable, every down, receiver.

Teams will also fall in love with Kirk’s size. For a slot receiver, he’s a good height. He’s also built really well and has shown that he isn’t afraid to fight for those extra yards.

Kirk runs very crisp and precise routes. At A&M, he was mostly used as a slot receiver although they sometimes put him in motion. His only true weakness is that he isn’t going to be a huge downfield threat in the NFL because of his relatively shorter arms. His catch radius is small and he might have a difficult time “selling” experienced corners on his routes.


Having the names Christian Kirk and Christian Kirksey on the same roster would be exceptionally cool. However…

While Kirk’s athleticism has never been questioned, the Cleveland Browns don’t really need a slot receiver. Bringing in Jarvis Landry seemingly crossed Kirk’s name off of GM John Dorsey’s draft board. Most mocks and speculations have Kirk going in the late first round and it’s unlikely the Browns would trade back into the first round to draft him.

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Christian Kirk a great receiver and a tremendous athlete; he’s going to make a team very happy.


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