April 20, 2024

The 2018 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching and once again the Cleveland Browns are on the clock with the number one pick. This is another very stacked draft class, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Among those on the defensive side of things is Bradley Chubb, defensive end from North Carolina State. Chubb is projected by many to be the first defensive player off the board in this year’s draft and for good reason. Now let’s take a deeper look at what makes Chubb so special.

In many drafts, Chubb would probably be the first player off the board. As we’ve seen in years past, including the last draft with first overall pick Myles Garrett, a dynamic pass rusher is very worthy of that first overall pick. However, this draft is going to be very quarterback-oriented with most expecting a quarterback taken first overall and up to four quarterbacks taken in the top 10. Chubb will still be very highly-touted and a steal for any team not in need of a quarterback that lands him somewhere in the top 10.

Chubb is truly the definition of a physical specimen at 6’4” and 275 pounds he has the perfect build to be a dominant and quick edge rusher. He was able to disrupt plays on both ends of the field and at multiple positions, playing both edge and outside linebacker. Chubb has been able to really show and grow his strengths during his three years at NC State. He is one of the quickest defensive line prospects. He has the ability to make downfield tackles as he never quits on plays. Additionally, he is able to drop back into coverage and disrupt passes and has quick and violent hands that he uses to actively strip the ball.

Chubb’s hype isn’t based solely on size and strength. No, Chubb has both the stats and the hardware to prove why he is worthy of being the first defensive player taken in this year’s draft. His senior season was by far his most dominant, with 10 sacks, three forced fumbles and 26 tackles for loss, second this season in the FBS and second-most in NC State history behind only former number one overall pick, Mario Williams. Chubb was then presented both the Hendricks (best defensive end) and the Bronko Nagurski (best defender) awards for his outstanding 2017 season.

With all the positives surrounding Chubb he, of course, has his weaknesses, like all prospects do. He has a tendency to get too involved in initial contact and lose sight of the ball career. He can sometimes play too top-heavy and out of control. He tends to struggle with both down and reach blocks. Chubb is, of course, not a perfect prospect, but he is very close.

Chubb is the most appealing pass rush prospect and to many, the most appealing defensive prospect. He has the size, strength and stats to back up all of the hype surrounding him. Chubb will likely go in the top five, likely to the Indianapolis Colts,and will be an absolute monster off the edge for years to come.

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