March 4, 2024

Braden Smith is an unknown entity unless you follow the SEC religiously. Smith is a 6’6″303-pound guard for the Auburn Tigers and is currently preparing for the NFL draft. He is projected as a third or fourth-round pick.

Smith has the size to be a lineman at the professional level. With that size, comes power and he displays good power at the point of attack. He has a strong initial grab and is able to hold his own against pass rushers. The guard also has the strength to create holes for the running game. He displays good body control for a man of his size, too.

Critics knock Smith for his slow responses. He has slow lateral quickness and struggles sliding down to catch blitzers around the edge. He has a tough time keeping rushers in front of him with his slow reaction time. Smith is even guilty of being late to block at the second level.

40 – yard dash: 5.22 seconds
Bench press: 35 reps
Vertical jump: 33.5″
Broad jump: 113″
20 – yard shuttle: 4.77 seconds

On paper, Braden looks like a stud. Size? Check. Strength? Check. Speed? Decent. Here’s the deal, Smith is one strong kid and knows how to utilize his power. On the downside, he lacks consistency and conviction. He may need some coaching up, but Smith could become an average starter in the NFL. He could help a team looking to add guard depth and a tackle in case of emergencies.

Here is some game film vs Georgia:

Image: ESPN

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