April 15, 2024

Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected Cap Space: $23 million

Current QB’s on Roster: Blake Bortles

Why Cousins Makes Sense: The Jaguars made the AFC Championship game and were a Tom Brady game-winning drive away from reaching the Super Bowl, all with Blake Bortles at quarterback. Imagine what this team would be with Cousins as the signal-caller. The $23 million cap space number is deceiving here because the Jags could cut Bortles with no dead money (according to my research), and open up $19 million more in cap space. Leonard Fournette in the backfield is a nice insurance policy to have as well.

Why Cousins Doesn’t Make Sense: Signing Cousins would put a big question mark on Allen Robinson. Robinson is the best pass catcher the Jags have, but he will be an unrestricted free agent this year as well. If they could somehow manage to sign both, the Jags lose all cap flexibility for the foreseeable future. The Jags may well need to choose between Cousins and Robinson, but both decisions bring their pros and cons. The AFC South also won’t be the cake walk it was in 2017, as both DeShaun Watson and Andrew Luck will return from injury.

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