February 27, 2024

Denver Broncos

Projected Cap Space: $26 million

Current QB’s on Roster: Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian, Chad Kelly

Why Cousins Makes Sense: The Broncos are only three years removed from winning the Super Bowl, if Cousins truly does value winning over money, the Broncos should be high on the list. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are still on the team to catch passes and the core of the former top-five defense still remains. Plus, the Broncos also own the fifth pick in the draft.

Why Cousins Doesn’t Make Sense: Unless Cousins signs a severely under-market deal, this would be the only move the Broncos could do, unless they plan on cutting other players. As stated before, the Broncos own the fifth pick in the draft and could easily draft their next future QB. That in turn would allow the Broncos to use their cap space more wisely.

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