Buffalo Bills

Projected Cap Space: $29 million

Current QB’s on Roster: Tyrod Taylor, Nathan Peterman

Why Cousins Makes Sense: The Bills are coming off of their first playoff season since 1999, so clearly the Bills would give Cousins the chance to win immediately. While the $29 million in cap space might not seem like enough to entice Cousins, bringing in Cousins would mean the end of the Tyrod Taylor era, who, if cut, would open up another $10 million in cap space. The Bills also provide enough offensive weapons (LeSean McCoy, Kelvin Benjamin and Charles Clay) to entice Cousins as well.

Why Cousins Doesn’t Make Sense: The Bills offense relies heavily on the use of the run game with Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy being used as a dynamic duo of sorts. Bringing in Cousins would completely change their offensive schemes. Bringing in Cousins would also severely limit the Bills ability to do much else in free agency.

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