November 28, 2021

Everything Else Has Changed: Why Not The Browns’ Opening Day Fate?

“Ladies and gentleman, this is our year.”

For everyone who has been saying that since the Browns came back in 1999, you have been very disappointed after just the first game of the season.

Since 1999, the Browns have only won one opener.

On that crisp afternoon, a rejuvenated Jeff Garcia led the Browns with a touchdown pass to Quincy Morgan and a scrambling run around right end for a score en route to a 20-3 Browns victory in front of an adoring home crowd.

That lone win came in 2004, and a lot has changed.

In case you forgot how long ago this was, check out what was happening at that time:

  • The US Presidential election saw incumbent President George W. Bush declared the winner over his democratic challenger, U.S. Senator John F. Kerry, in a contested election.
  • A young startup named Facebook launched to compete with established incumbent MySpace in the emerging social media landscape.
  • The VMA for best music video went to Outkast for “Hey, Ya!” The band No Doubt was still together and their video for “It’s My Life” won a VMA for best pop video.
  • Million Dollar Baby won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Other movies released that year: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Shrek 2, The Notebook, DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, and Kill Bill: Volume 2.
  • The Janet Jackson/ Justin Timberlake halftime wardrobe malfunction incident occurred during the Super Bowl, causing the FCC to freak out.
  • Ken Jennings begins his run of success on Jeopardy!, much to the chagrin of host Alex Trebek.
  • Brian Williams takes over for Tom Brokaw on NBC Nightly News, reportedly while withstanding insurgent gunfire.
  • Amy Poehler succeeds Jimmy Fallon as Tina Fey’s co-anchor on SNL’s Weekend Update, making them the first female anchor duo for the skit. No word on what happened to Fallon after that.
  • Sex and the City, Frasier and Friends all mercifully broadcast their final episodes.
  • The Crocodile Hunter ends its run, two years before the death of star Steve Irwin. 
  • Donald Trump was busy premiering The Apprentice and managing soon-to-be bankrupt companies.
  • Desperate Housewives and The Biggest Loser also premiered.
  • The Boston Red Sox end their 86 year drought and won the World Series. Boston fans still have yet to shut up about it.
  • LeBron James was playing in his first year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There was no hint of an eventual ‘decision.’

As you can see, much has changed since the Browns last won an opener.

Now it is time for the Browns to change up history and make this the year they start off on the right foot by winning Sunday.

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