Everyone Has Bieber Fever X2 Now…and They Should

Justin? Shane?

Shane? Justin?

Two extremely talented Bieber-named handsome young men that are dominating different fields of our society. One, on a literal field (well, a mound – to be more specific) and the other with years of great music and lust from the ladies.

Shane Bieber has been absolutely astounding for the Indians this year. The starter just tossed his now league-leading third complete game, only giving up two runs to the Angels on 107 pitches in a 6-2 Tribe win.

On the year, Bieber is 11-4 with a 3.31 ERA, 182 K & a WHIP of 0.98. That gives him 300 strikeouts total for his brief career, the fastest to that number in Tribe History since Herb Score. Bieber at 44 games and Score at 40. (Cle dot com)

But, there is more to this…

Either Topps made a huge blunder, or they’re just really good trolls:

Via Shane Bieber’s Twitter

Even the legendary pop icon took notice:

It’s not the first time two famous people have shared a last name. Thus, I have to look at the editing department at Topps.

Will they be punished in some way for this blunder?

I mean, it is funny…

Regardless of baseball cards having the wrong first name, that does not take away from the amazing sophomore season SHANE Bieber is currently pitching for the Indians. He’s leading the Tribe to a playoff spot and a chance to take the division like Baby, Baby, Baby…Ohhhh.

Wow, I just can’t stop with the jokes…

Shane Bieber will be a key cog if the Indians want any chance to make a run this fall.

If the Indians get to the World Series, the game Shane Bieber starts has to have a Justin Bieber concert before to get the people going.

Right now, the Indians are two games ahead of Tampa Bay for a Home Wild Card Playoff Spot (first seed). They trail Minnesota by three games for the division.

51 games left.

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