Even With Special Circumstances This Year – Celebrate Our Servicemen & Women

The amount of Americans that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that freedom is possible is incredible. Usually, this is taken from a sports perspective on this website. How fans have the ability to go to and even simply watch games because of what others have done to make this country safe for its people.

Unfortunately, this year is very different. With the pandemic, the typical barbecue and Indians game with family and friends is not going to happen. Yes, Covid-19 has ruined the ability to celebrate the heroics of our brave servicemen and women like it is usually done.

However, it doesn’t take away from the sacrifices that were made and are continued to be made each and every day. Freedom isn’t free. What the servicemen and women go through for this country is absolutely breathtaking.

It comes at a price. Death, injuries, mental health challenges – the list truly goes on and on. Take a second and thank those that gave the sacrifice. Sure, life isn’t easy during the current challenges for even the typical person. Even so, it’s a life where basic freedoms are afforded.

One day, hopefully soon, Indians fans will be back in the ballpark, sipping on a beer, chomping on hot dogs and complaining the ownership doesn’t spend enough money to win a World Series. These simple luxuries are currently dearly missed.

A lot that was taken for granted in the past is missed. Like watching a pretty bad basketball team lose most of its games. At least there was NBA basketball to watch.

Thinking forward, there will be an opportunity to enjoy all of that in the near future. Those that made the ultimate sacrifice do not get that chance ever again. It is something to think about today, and every day, yet not to dwell on. A simple acknowledgment and moment of gratitude shall do.

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