Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Even if LeBron James Doesn’t Make the Playoff, You Need to Think About This:

Ok, people!

Please, do me a favor and stop complaining about the “King” LeBron James. Who cares anymore? Isn’t this what the diehard NBA fan wanted? To see James miss the playoffs and never get to six rings. But, NBA fans just stop complaining, “Ohh LeBron he threw his career away with LA” or “LeBron is so stupid he could have been dominating in the East.” These comments, again, need to stop!

James’ decision to leave Cleveland for Los Angeles was less about basketball and more about a long-term life decision. What does that mean? Here it is. James is one of the most, if not the most, influential player of this generation. Everything he touches turns to gold. I know this because my little town in Central New York is getting a Blaze Pizza. Blaze Pizza is the fastest growing restaurant chain in the US according to Forbes.com and it’s backed by James. 

He uses his 91 million social media following to promote the Blaze Brand and as reported by Forbes his YouTube video of him working the counter at a Blaze Pizza garnered two million views. But what does James’ pizza business and LA have in common? Well, the first two restaurants Blaze Pizza opened was in Irvine and Pasadena. FYI McDonald’s, the number one fast food restaurant, started in California.

How about the movie industry? Young fans probably can’t remember a time where Kareem Abdul-Jabar was a regular in television and movies. You think that was because he was a great actor? No, Hollywood has a way of raising the stars in the city to another level. I mean, no one will ever forget the horrible movie Kazam starring Shaquille O’Neal and after that bad performance, he received another starring role in Steel. 

James’ is a much more talented actor than both Abdul-Jabar and O’Neal. So after his role in Trainwreck, which he was praised for, he was handed the Space Jam 2 lead. James’ does not have to limit his involvement in movies to just acting. He has been credited as a producer for 22 projects and as a writer for two. 

James’ move to Los Angeles may be the greatest career move the 34-year-old athlete has done. In doing so, he has not only set himself up for greater wealth, which may lead to an ownership role, but he has potentially cemented his future career after his playing days are through.

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