On my podcast 4th & 15 with Mel and Smooth. I stated that the college football world would be changing very soon. The catalyst to this change? Jackson State University hiring Deion “PRIME TIME” Sanders. When he was first hired he gave a warning to the coaches and teams in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. That warning was simple

” You better get me now, cause I got some horses coming and things are about to change!”

The set up: Eddie Robinson Stadium. Jackson State hadn’t beaten Grambling State in Grambling since November of 2012. Grambling State hadn’t lost a home game since September of 2015.

The first half was a bit sloppy but, Jackson State managed to get a 27-14 lead at halftime. Grambling would make adjustments and would mount a comeback. With four minutes left in the game Jackson state would drive to the Grambling 4-yard line but fumble the ball in Grambling’s end Zone and Grambling would recover and the call would stand after a review.

Grambling would drive seventy-eight yards to the Jackson State two and from there karma would show her face yet again as Grambling would fumble the ball on the Jackson State two and Jackson State would recover with a minute left in the game. Jackson State players would then splash coach “Prime” with Gatorade as the clock ran out and Jackson State secured a 33-28 victory on the road against Grambling for the first time since 2012 and put Jackson State at 2-0 on the season. Unfortunately, ESPN doesn’t give full coverage to the HBCU’s so no states were available at the time of this release.

For those in the know, HBCU football is very under-rated and at the same time very exciting. In fact, HBCU football boasts some of the greatest players and coaches of all time! Names like Shannon Sharpe, Doug Williams (first black QB to start and win a Super Bowl) and the late and great Eddie Robinson, the first coach at ANY collegiate level to reach 400 wins.
If you are a football fan and you aren’t paying attention to the HBCU football scene, by now you should be. The college football landscape is changing and for the HBCU’s it’s no longer about half time… it’s about GAME TIME!!

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