Enough, “it’s just April” Talk


Its finally May and hopefully the end of the “it’s only April” excuses are here. After an unexpected 2013 run the Tribe had fans near and far excited for the possibilities of 2014. After a month, most still believe, but many are quite worried. Those worried have reasonable cause to be. After locking up young players like Brantley, Gomes, and Kipnis to go along with Bourn and Swisher, people expect this team to compete. And not just for a .500 season or division title. They expect playoff results. Possibly even a World Series. After a subpar April most people are just shaking off the 11-17 start and saying “it’s early. Well, it’s hard to waste 28 games and just brush them aside. A more in-depth look is required when gauging the chances this team has at contending. Also, a look at the last 10 World Series Champions and where the Indians rank. Lets be honest, are we as fans really okay with the team not winning after actually spending some money?

It was a rough April to say the least. The Tribe defense is the biggest concern at this point. For a team that can’t score with the best of them they have to play fundamental ball and not give up free runs. The Indians committed 26 errors in 28 games for a fielding percentage as a team of .974. They rank at the bottom in both categories in the AL and are last in all of baseball in percentage and 4th to last in total errors. Pitching is my next concern. The Tribe have an overall team ERA of 4.28 which puts them in the middle of the pack in the AL. They have one of the best bullpen ERA’s, but one of the worst starters ERA’s. The two balance one another out. The problem with the pitching is their inability to put 0’s up after the offense scores. In every close game it seems they give leads right back up. When it comes to offense, well, if you’ve watched a game you can see the problems there. That’s another article for another day.

If you’re still under the belief that it was “just April”. Then here’s another stat of the last 10 World Series winners. And that is what we want here in Cleveland, right? A World Series championship. Why else do they play the game? Over the past decade the Red Sox have 3 titles, the Giants and Cardinals each have 2, and the Yankees, White Sox, and Phillies each have 1. All of these teams each got out to good starts in April. The worst start was 12-10, both by the Yankees and Phillies. The best start was 17-8 by the Cardinals in 2006. While I am not saying the Tribe needs to be 20-8 at this point. They would need the best turnaround in over a decade to win the title. Sure, there are exceptions and they could win 10 in a row again. But, this team doesn’t have the talent when one actually looks at the numbers and not just the record. A title cannot be won in April, but it can surely be lost.

-Brandon Proy

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