Monday evening’s game came to an end and with it came controversy. LeBron James endured his per-usual beat down around the rim.

While many people argue that LeBron James gets every single call in the world, this season, however, it appears that LeBron gets no calls at all. LeBron James currently ranks 15th in the league in free throws attempted per game. LeBron attempts around 5.9 free throws a game. LeBron is usually characterized as a very physical player and someone who drives to the rim a lot. Meanwhile, a player like Steph Curry is averaging 6.5, while the margin between these two players isn’t jaw-dropping, you must notice that a player like Curry should not be getting the same amount of calls when Curry is a jump shooter., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

LeBron has been mauled throughout the season and it seems like this season more than any other that LeBron has been getting no-calls just about every game.

Many compare this to how Shaquille O’Neal was officiated during his career. O’Neal is one of the biggest players to ever grace the hardwood and it was obvious that he was practically fouled every play down the court. Over an eight-year span during his career, 1997-2005, O’Neal was averaging 10.9 free throws a game. James has never even averaged 10.9 free throws a game in a season and has only averaged over 10.0 FTA three years, 2005-2007-2009. You would think that James could average somewhere around those numbers each season.

Currently, the league-leading FTA is 10.1 from James Harden.

While the trend probably won’t change, you can’t help but notice just how bad the officiating has been this season.


Photo: ESPN

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