Yesterday was a bizarre day for the LeBron going to Cleveland theory.

LeBron was very active on social media. First he put a compilation of pics from his recent family vacation. Interesting enough the song in the video was none other than Draft Day by Drake. What’s funny about that, is that the song features Johnny Manziel and A Wiggins in the lyrics. Both, obviously, now play in Cleveland. Maybe he just likes the song..

Then he tweets Happy 4th of July. Eat good. blah blah blah.. #KidMemoriesComingBack
Wait a second.. Where did LeBron grow up? Oh that’s right, good ol’ 330 Akron Ohio. Speaking of Akron, did anyone else notice that huge Akron Tat he sported this year? Never saw that before this year? That’s because he got it after they beat the Spurs in the Finals. Why would a MIAMI player get an AKRON tattoo? Must have some deep ties..

Then something really interesting happened on Instagram. LeBron put a pic of his shoes of the day. Caption says “Only right I wear these on this day.” Nothing wrong with that right? Just a pic of his shoes. Damn.. Those shoes kinda resemble Cavs colors. Red and Yellow. And what does only right I wear these on this day mean? They aren’t red white and blue or anything?

This next point, I’m really going to go far out on a limb. I’m talking Criminal Minds crazy. I saw a tweet today that read “gave it your all”. I did a double take. I asked myself what that meant. I thought it has to be about Miami. It has to be. Yeah, LeBron gave it his all there and its time to move on right? Then I was corrected. Apparently he just tweeted to James Rodriguez and said “U have it your all.” And so the following tweet “gave it your all” was just a correction. Sounds good enough? Honest mistake? Or is LeBron just the ultimate mastermind. Did he intentionally mess it up so he could put “gave it your all” while most people thought it was a typo? I don’t know. Personally I feel as though he is slowly letting stuff out, and I believe the tweet had a double meaning.

Last and certainly not least LeBron tweets “Wish I was back home I’d drive up to Cleveland tonight and go celebrate wit the homie @DaRealShow for his b-day!” Wow. Where to even begin on this one. First, wish I was back home. It’s obvious why that is important. He calls this guy his homie. So they are pretty tight right? Then @DaRealShow tweets the picture on the article. Melo to Houston. Bron to Clevleand. This guy is entitled to say whatever he wants about NBA free agency. But this is the same guy LeBron tweeted at an hour before. Wow. This guy he is cool with comes straight out and says “Bron to Cleveland” The tweet was taken down, but not after we at CST got the pic.

If we need more, there is an interesting guy named Josh Teplitz who has been the focus of a lot of attention. He has been tweeting for days that the Cavs and LeBron have signed a deal, he’s coming back and this is all a smokescreen. I am not Conforming nor saying he is correct, but I’m going to say he is not crazy.

Mix all this together and you had a lot of attention and buzz in and around Cleveland today.

Am I over analyzing everything LeBron is putting on social media and my entire life right now? Yes, probably. But.. It’s just too much for me to sit back and think all this is a coincidence or that he is not coming back.

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